What is mulch?

What is mulch?

Mulch is another one of the best ways to improve and maintain a healthy landscape. In reality, mulch is simply any material applied to the soil's surface that is used as a protective shield.

For example nature had the idea all along. Nature is constantly creating its own form of mulch with fallen leaves, sticks, needles and other organic material. RK Topsoil offers a great assortment of mulch in all varieties and colors. We also believe in empowering and educating our clients about our services.

Find a list of the ways you can benefit from mulching your garden or landscape, below.

What Do We Offer?

RK Topsoil doesn't just provide soil that's essential to the healthy development and life of your landscape, but we also carry bulk mulch. Bulk mulch is sold by cubic yards and how much bulk mulch you purchase is based on the amount of area that you're looking to cover. The amount of mulch you purchase is also dependent on how deep you want the mulch to be, simply by looking at it or through measurements.

You can benefit in purchasing bulk mulch if you're looking to cover a large area of landscaping. Often times bulk mulch is a cheaper option than bagged mulch and is great for covering different areas of your landscape that are in need of mulching.

How mulching can help

  • Mulch maintains an even soil temperature
  • Mulch prevents loss of water and evaporation
  • Mulching helps prevents weeds and unwanted germs
  • Mulch makes erosion less likely
  • Mulch can improve soil structure
  • Mulching aids in water absorption
  • Mulch is aesthetically very attractive